Northwest Foundry


shigeto - detroit pt. 1

De Passage presented by Reef. Wes Anderson of surf films

Kodama - 20SYL

Aesop Rock meets Portishead - Babies with Guns

Over 4,000 different photos, and 350 different faces to create one disorienting video

Really jiving with this band as I collapse into fall

I’m gonna say it. This is likely the BEST music video I have seen in my years appreciating music. Been listening to Macklemore for 8+ years now and can say that his recent rise to fame and notoriety is very much deserved. Keep it goin.

Pretty lights releases the first single featuring the majestic Talib Kweli off his upcoming album A Color Map of the Sun set to release July 2nd. Check out his accompanying documentary trailer  on the making of the album with all raw sounds created by a myriad of instruments


Robert Delong is going somewhere. His music genre is not defined. His creativity has no bounds. And his use of seemingly any object around him allows for some great soundwaves.  He toyed around with an electrical foray of instruments in college, which got him to where he is today, performing on the world stage, as well as opening for The Faint. I discovered him through my best friend, who happened to be a roommate of Delong’s for a couple years at university. 

Check him out at Coachella, Bonaroo, Ultra Music Festival, and SXSW this year.